Salmon with Citrus Sauce

Ellen Whiteman

Salmon with Citrus Sauce is a flavorful dish made with grilled salmon and a sauce made of dijon mustard, honey, thyme, salt, pepper, orange juice, and lemon juice. It is a pescatarian recipe that combines the freshness of seafood with the tanginess of citrus. The salmon is grilled to perfection and topped with a beautiful citrus sauce made by combining orange juice and lemon juice, which adds a refreshing and zesty flavor to the dish. This recipe is perfect for seafood lovers who enjoy a burst of citrus.

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🐟 Pescatarian

10 mins

10 mins

Nutritional Value

Protein - 25g
Fat - 15g
Carbohydrates - 10g
Fiber - 2g
Vitamin C - 30mg


Total: 9Serves: 4
4 salmon steaks
2 T. Dijon mustard
2 t. honey
1/2 t. thyme
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. pepper
2 T. olive oil
1 c. orange juice
2 t. lemon juice


Step 1 : 

In small bowl, whisk together orange juice, mustard, honey, thyme, salt and pepper.

Step 2 : 

Heat large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat for 2 minutes.

Step 3 : 

Wash salmon and pat dry. Rub salmon with olive oil and lightly season with salt & pepper.

Step 4 : 

Cook salmon 3-4 minutes per side until just cooked through and opaque.

Step 5 : 

Transfer to platter and place in warm oven while you finish making sauce.

Step 6 : 

Wipe skillet clean with paper towel.

Step 7 : 

Add citrus sauce and cook over high heat stirring constantly, about 2 minutes, until reduced to 1/2 cup.

Step 8 : 

Remove from heat and stir in remaining lemon juice. Spoon sauce over salmon.

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